Dear colleagues,

We would like to inform you that the department of heat treatment and physics of metals of the Ural Federal University (Yekaterinburg, Russia) on the annual basis organises a number of conferences for junior scientists in the field of materials science:
  • XVI Ural school for junior scientists in the field of material science

The following issues are expected to be considered and discussed in the framework of the conferences:
  1. Properties of metals and alloys subjected to deformation and/or heat treatment
  2. Phase transformations in metals and alloys during deformation and/or heat treatment
  3. Surface of materials: properties and modern treatment techniques
  4. Modern research techniques and computer modelling in material science
  5. Functional metallic, ceramic and composite materials
  6. Physical processes and phenomena in materials subjected to extremal service conditions 

In 2015 the conference will be held from 14th to 18th of December. 

All the young scientists under 35 working with metals and alloys are invited. The registration fee is not applicable. 

If you are interested, application form and paper manuscript (in English or Russian, see attached template) should be send to before October 31th.

Your application must include following required information:
1. Full name
2. Date of birth
3. Scientific degree (if applicable)
4. Organization and department
5. Address of the organization
6. Phone number
7. Full Name and scientific degree of scientific adviser (if applicable)
8. Subject of the presentation
9. The desired form of the participation (i.e. oral / poster presentation or just the paper in the conference proceedings)

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact the Organizing committee via e-mail
Dmitry Gadeev,
9 окт. 2014 г., 8:55